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This page offers some more details about me and my interests.

It is mainly confined to topics that are not necessarily obvious if you simply visit my home page.


Firstly, here are some photographs of me. Here are my profile pictures.

Here are some pictures of me with other people, my childhood, my infancy, my adolescence.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then here are all my photos - sorted by date.

Also, here are some older larger photographs of me.


Also available are some videos of me - via my main YouTube channel. There's another channel of mine here.


I am married to Maja Guduras-Tyler, who I love dearly.

You can see a shrine I built to her here.

Some photos of us are available:

Tim and Maja, Maja and Tim, MIT, Maja.

Social networking

I use social networking web sites, and have a public profile page. If you are registered and logged in, you should be able to access a page about me on Facebook.

If you are thinking of adding me, be advised that I am happy to friend anyone, indiscriminatingly. Alternatively, I have an associated Facebook fan page - and a Facebook group.


I am interested in self-improvement - I seek to improve myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I'm interested in my physical body and its maintenance. In particular:

  • I'm a yoga student. I maintain this page of local [yoga links].
  • I'm interested in Tai Chi.
  • I'm interested in massage. I have a web page about the subject.
  • I'm interested in dietary energy restriction. I have a web page about that here. There's also a page about my diet.
  • I'm interested in my feet. I maintain web pages about my shoes and sandals.

I'm interested in my own education. I think that one should devote a significant fraction of your life to improving your mind and keeping up with developments.


I'm interested in machines: actuators, sensors, computers and their combinations:

  • I am interested in computers. I started my career as a computer programmer at a young age - and my interest has continued to this day.
  • I am interested in the man-machine interface - particularly computer input devices.
    As examples of the hardware side of this, here are pages about my [keyboard] and [mouse]. There's also a page about my screens.
    As an example of the software and user-interface side, here is my Search Nexus.
  • I am interested in robots and machines.
    Some of my machines live in my kitchen. Here is an index of them.
  • I am also interested in optimization, synthetic minds, self-improving systems and heuristics and biases.

I'm interested in science and technology.

  • I maintain some essays about biology [here].

I'm interested in futurism. I share this interest with people like [Nick Bostrom], [Ray Kurzweil], [Robin Hanson] and [Eliezer Yudkowsky].

I am interested in genetic engineering - and other attempts to improve on existing biological systems.

I am interested in transhumanism, eugenics, gene therapy, and germ-line genetic engineering - and other attempts to improve on existing people.

I am involved in information technology politics:

I am interested in Geoengineering:

I am interested in Irrigation:

Somewhat controversially, I think that global warming is probably good for the planet:

I'm a keen gardener. I like to grow edible produce. Particularly berries. Here are some pictures of my old garden and my old allotment.

I'm interested in religion, mysticism and meditation. My favourite religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Adeism. I maintain a brief web page about Channelling.

I am interested in reading. I've read an awful lot of books. I read a book a day for many years when I was young. These days, I still do a lot of reading - but much of it is on screens via the internet.

I am interested in music. Here is a list of some of the music I like.

I can play the game of go. I have a web page about my interest in go.

Until my move to the USA, I tended to cycle most moderate distances. Here are some pictures of my bicycle.

I use RSS feeds to keep up with news. Here are my "Netvibes". I also have a personal Netvibes page.

Here is my Twitter. This is not used very much.

I am also interested in marketing, advertising, sex, various branches of medicine, my family and my friends. However, the details of those interests are beyond the scope of this page.


I have a collection of essays on various topics that don't seem to belong anywhere else hosted on this site. There's an index of these here.


I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.


To contact me, visit my contact page.

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