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Firefox Red Panda - It's so cute :)  Firefox books and guides

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Bleeding Edge:
Curious Mozilla
See what the programmers are putting in right now!
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Mozilla.org status update

Download the Firefox web browser
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Those picking up the slack for Mozilla:
PaleMoon/NewMoon browser for Windows XP
TenFourFox - Firefox for MacOS X PPC
Netlabs - Firefox for OS/2

Download the Thunderbird e-mail client
Download the KompoZer web authoring systemr
Download Mozilla SeaMonkey 
Netscape Logo
Netscape Browser Archive
Commercial Netscape Media Archive
Any web browserA comprehensive list of web browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Removal Utilities

Once you have Mozilla you won't need IE, so use this utility to remove IE! (Warning: Bill Gates really, really, really does not want you to do that!)
98lite logo
98lite: Windows98 *without* IE

Ultimately, Mozilla will stomp IE!
Mozilla crushes IE!

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